Mehr als 4000 Clowns
I am pleased
about visiting
my homepage.
...to Europe´s largest private Clownsmuseum!

Thousands of clowns will move from Rotterdam to ??? within a short time.

More news about the removal coming soon...
What you can expect...
* Pictures

* Marionettes

* More than 4.000 figures, 1 cm to 1,85m tall, made from all kinds of materials,
    from all over the world.
* Music boxes
* The only collection worlwide of 114 Morano Glass Clowns,
   one clown weighs more than 100kg!
* The only collection worlwide of Porcelaine Clowns,
    24 Carat Gold & Swarovski Stones!
* The only collection worlwide of 146 Gilde Clowns
The realisation of a dream.
The Clownsmuseum fulfills chidrens dreams.
We all have big or small dreams and most of us
are able to satisfy them, but children suffering
from cancer often don't.
That's why we are here.
We give these children the strength to overcome
their desease and make their dreams come true.
Letting their dreams come true will give them
hope in their desperate fight.
The revenues of the Clownsmuseum are among
other things provided for this purpose.








We are looking forward to your visit !
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