More than 4000 Clowns
The museum's profile
About us:
We are self-employed, independent, free professions corporate managers and educators, now
pensioners who have been committed to providing light, smile, joy and hope to society and the
community in Germany in general, and sick children in particular. For this purpose we established
the museum for clowns.
* The museum's management:
   Mr. F.M.Kahn
* Friends and members of the Presidium of the Museum:
   Attorney, K.El. Joghrafi
* Goals of the organization:
1. To raise the morale, joy of life and motivation of sick children and hospitalized in various
     therapeutic environments.
2. Transforming the trauma and mental difficulty of staying in hospitals into something
     experiential, entertaining and encouraging, using the humor, imagination and fantasy
     of the hospitalized 2. child.
3. The introduction of the "INNER HAPPINESS" lifestyle into the depths of society and the
     community in Germany in general and in Frankfurt in particular, as an inseparable part
     of daily coping with stress, tension, anxiety and distress.
* Type of activity:
* Operating medical clowns - volunteers: - specializing in therapy and treatment, with an
    emphasis on the mental aspect through imagination and fantasy, humor and laughter.
    The method that was demonstrated in the film "Patch Adams" proved successful
    and shortened recovery processes.
* Today there are in the U.S. thousands of medical clowns in medicine and in the community.
* Professional courses for doctors and nurses - Practical uses of medical clowning.
* Youth Volunteers.
* Initiating and running performances, artists, singers, entertainers, etc., and fulfilling the children's  dreams.   
* Establishing and operating playgrounds and educational and challenging equipment for sick children.
* Special rehabilitative projects with welfare bodies, such as: Municipality, Ministry of Social Affairs,
    Special Education, etc.
* Financing sources:
    The museum's activities are carried out by private donations without government budgets, and by
    voluntary activities
We are looking forward to your visit !
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